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Vlog Editor at Work

Why videos work?


Made Simple

In order to maximise the impact of each video brochure, all of our devices are fitted with LCD screens with integrated IPS (in-plane switching) technology.

The IPS screen allows you to view the video from any angle (176°) without limitations, resulting in higher screen quality and brighter colours for more than one viewer at a time.


Video and Print:
The Perfect Mix

Why not integrate your already existing material (e.g. brochures, testimonials, images)  and combine it seamlessly with a video.


With Rekordeo brochures, extra supporting pages can be added in to extend the message you wish to get across.


Why is Video
The Future?

We only need to consider how much video content crosses our path in a normal business day to know that video content is growing.


Businesses are increasingly investing in video because it works. Why not add that personal touch with a physical visual brochure that will always create that wow factor.


Not Just a
Corporate Staple

Forget about the outdated pen, bookmark or branded water bottle. From the first second you can captivate your audience with a sharp, innovative and fully bespoke video card.


Lasting Impact
for Any Purpose

Printed brochures can be found everywhere. However, technology incorporating a video into a brochure is cutting edge and unique.


Being able to display your business services through video will not only draw in new customers, but leave a lasting impression about your business. 


Stand Out from The Competition

Brochures are a traditional marketing piece that has proven to be effective over time. Instead of providing a brochure with ordinary text and pictures, set yourself apart from the competition. Add a video to your brochure and show your customers what you can do for them.

Want to Know More?

Get in contact with us to receive a phonecall or online meeting with someone from our team

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